Creating Awakened Leaders

In the past eight years, the conscious capitalism movement has become mainstream, according to many business leaders. The core of conscious capitalism is mindful (or conscious) leadership. There is now solid evidence that leading with consciousness is also good for the bottom line. See also some of the articles and books on conscious capitalism and authentic or awakened leadership.

So, how does one become a mindful or conscious leader? There are three sides to the leadership learning triangle:

  1. Outer learning—actions and behaviors congruent with the desired results
  2. Inner learning for the conscious mind—acquisition of new ideas, frameworks, and perspectives
  3. Inner learning for the unconscious mind—depth processes that result in fundamental shifts in brain patterns that produce permanent growth in consciousness

Organizational leaders are very familiar with the first two, but may have only passing familiarity with the third, the practices and processes—yoga, meditation, qi gong, etc.—that may result in fundamental brain pattern shifts after many years of dedicated practice. But organizational leaders today don’t have the time to practice for many years to reach the levels of consciousness necessary to truly act, think, and feel as a mindful leader--that is, become an authentic (or awakened) leader. Now, however, there’s a much shorter alternative!

There are many paths to higher consciousness, but one stands out for its ability to help leaders achieve in six days these fundamental shifts that have previously taken many years of practice and discipline. This is the spiritual awakening program delivered by Oneness University in Chennai India. The vision and purpose of this program is to sharply accelerate the growth in consciousness of those who participate, leading to their awakening during the course or within days of the course, and thereby giving them significantly greater ability to positively affect their organizations and its stakeholders.

Please see the attached article on the shifts undergone by a brain scientist who recently went through the Oneness University program, and the following interviews with her (Part II and Part III), with Scott Magers (Interview), a serial entrepreneur, and with Howard Caesar (Interview), pastor of a very large Texas church. All of these articles appeared in Enlightened Leadership Monthly.

We invite you to join other organizational leaders to participate in Oneness University’s six-day spiritual awakening program. The Foundation Course in the program is offered June 29th - July 6th, 2016 and will be followed by the Advanced Course July 6th - 12th, 2016 and the Deepening Course July 12th - 18th, 2016. There is also a course for children, concurrent with the Foundation Course June 29th - July 6th, 2016.. Each of these will in turn lead to ever greater rates of growth in consciousness beyond the awakening achieved in the Foundation course. For more information on the Foundation Course click here.

For more information, please contact us.

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